Testing Services

Improve your IT infrastructure reliability and efficiency.

Increasing application complexity, stricter regulatory demands and the growing impact of application downtime is making the need for high-quality testing more critical than ever. High-quality testing requires skilled resources, the right processes, effective tools, and a focus on continuous improvement.

Pravahya Consulting aligns its consulting services to your business, quality, and testing objectives to maximize ROI. The testing objectives are determined by product goals and can range from improving customer satisfaction, reducing time-to-market, improving product quality, increasing predictability, to managing costs.

As a partner we bring years of experience in practicing, researching, and defining software testing processes, and assist in optimizing testing efficiency through a mix of QA tools and methodologies consistent with the industry best practices.

With Pravahya Testing Services, enterprises are assured of:

  • Faster time-to-market - with reduced testing cycle time
  • An integrated test suite for both infrastructure and applications - thus providing a single point of assurance
  • Increased IT infrastructure reliability due to technology-specific automation tools
  • Reduced cost due to accelerated testing