Security Services

Protect your data – and your business – with our security solutions.

Imagine if someone tried to break into your house. Now imagine it is happening 60,000 times a day. That's how many times the average company's IT infrastructure is attacked. However, malicious attacks are just one type of risk faced by enterprises. There are business-driven risks that include audits, new product rollouts, financial risk, fraud and even failure to comply with government standards. And event-driven risks such as natural disasters, regional power outages, acts of war and economic downturns. All of these can be minimized if you anticipate threats and plan accordingly.

Pravahya's Security Services are designed to help you cost-effectively reduce the risk of protecting your organization's critical data. We help you integrate your existing assets and capabilities with new security management technologies. Pravahya's approach supports collaboration across the enterprise while protecting data both while in transit or sitting on a desktop or in storage. Potential benefits include:

  • Simplified protection of your valuable, business-critical and/or confidential data
  • Controlled data access for collaboration and sharing
  • Protection against corruption and interception with advanced encryption
  • Reduced risk of regulatory noncompliance.