IT Infrastructure

Unlock the power of Information Technology.

Pravahya Consulting recognizes the crucial role that IT infrastructure plays in the success of your business. Like other service providers, we offer a full array of IT services designed to optimize specific areas of your IT infrastructure, such as hardware, software, networking, systems management, security and privacy, and business recovery. Now, unlike most of our competitors, Pravahya can provide comprehensive and lifecycle-oriented IT infrastructure solutions - customized to meet your unique business requirements. By understanding your specific situation, we can tailor a service solution to address virtually all of your infrastructure needs. These solutions help enable you to quickly put in place the infrastructure and the capabilities that your business requires today and for the future.

What do you want from your IT infrastructure that will enable you to handle the changes coming in the future without painful and costly adaptation? This will depend on your business needs and your current capabilities. Pravahya Consulting offers services and solutions that address three primary needs identified for the IT infrastructure.

  • Solutions to make infrastructure more capable

    These are solutions designed to make infrastructure more capable, support expanded business capabilities and drive E-business. If you recognize that IT is critical to developing your business and if you view investments in IT from a business-generation perspective, these infrastructure solutions may be what you need.

  • Solutions to make infrastructure more affordable

    These solutions optimize the use of IT resources and performance to support business change while enhancing efficiency. If you want to reduce IT complexity and enable change more quickly, these infrastructure solutions may be for you.

  • Solutions to make infrastructure more available

    These solutions are designed to improve the availability and integrity of your company's mission-critical systems. If you are concerned about the impact of service shortfalls or failure on your business, you may want to consider these solutions to meet user service level, security and business continuity requirements.