A healthy dose of solution for healthcare

The healthcare industry now needs to perform on a more competitive, outcomes basis, shifting from fee for service to value based on quality and cost. Whether at the waiting room, in the operating room or the emergency department, the time that healthcare providers spend with patients is of the utmost value.

The intelligent approach to healthcare is one that turns data into clinical and business insights for better outcomes. It instruments processes with those insights in real time for point of care decisions and productivity. And hospitals, medical centers and clinicians can work intelligently and intuitively by bringing seamless, patient-centered, holistic and proactive approaches into their interactions with a patient, to deliver better care experiences that emphasize prevention and wellness.


Wireless Healthcare Service – mHealthcare

Presently, we are working on wireless ultra low-cost pulse-rate meter which can be interfaced to mobile platform and provide accurate reading. This portable device can be used to monitor pulse-rate of critical patients at hospital/home without the need of technician and collected data can be sent to General Physician. This may be boon to rural-market where there is scarcity of healthcare professionals.

Our micro-controller based pulse rate monitor system uses pulse beat sensor and accurately calculate heart rate of patient. The inbuilt Bluetooth stack sends data to android phone. The historic data can be stored and analyzed at mobile phone itself. Our vision is to consult and provide solutions on low-cost wireless portable medical equipments and provide complete mhealth solution on hand-held mobile devices.