Cloud Computing

Flexible cloud computing solutions for accelerating delivery of business services.

Organizations that can't wait for innovation no longer have to. mCloud solutions from Pravahya improve enterprise flexibility and time-to-market by removing major hurdles to innovation. Barriers such as:

  • Costly, complex and ineffective resource administration and management
  • Time-consuming manual processes
  • Lengthy resource request, approval and provisioning cycles
  • Underutilized capacity and poor forecasting capabilities
  • A lack of routine procedures across diverse operational silos
  • Limited understanding of the appropriate cloud model to deploy

This gives enterprises at any stage of the cloud journey the opportunity to speed time-to-market of new, innovative business services and reduce associated capital and operational expenses. Those taking initial steps can focus on saving money and reducing overhead by consolidating, virtualizing, and optimizing their existing IT resources, while standardizing processes related to service delivery. Organizations can then shift their attention to integration, automation and orchestration efforts that bring applications and services to market more quickly which can speed revenue growth. At a more advanced stage, an enterprise can accelerate service delivery by unifying the management of all kinds of cloud services - enabling enterprises to build cloud services from the ground up, use public cloud services, or transform existing infrastructure.

Pravahya enables organizations to move toward a Cloud based integration that can help accelerate innovative business services. This approach combines robust tools and technologies with a solid understanding of process and infrastructure requirements to make operational transformation come to life.